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Home Returning to the United Kingdom

1. Microchip to be fitted.

2. Rabies Vaccination.

3. Successful Blood Test at least 3 months before returning to the United Kingdom (if entering from outside EEC).

4. Treatment against Tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis. (between 24-120 hours before arrival in the UK. The Treatment must have Praziquantel or equivalent as its active ingredient (Dogs only).

5. Health check no more than 10 days before flight. (Vet to stamp page 28 of passport or issue letter)

If your pet is returning from outside the EU or selected countries then your pet will require an import permit issued by DEFRA and will be required to enter quarantine for 6 months.

All pets travelling on board an aircraft will have to travel in an approved IATA container. (see our pet container page for more details)

On the day of your flight you will normally be required to check you pet/s into our cargo facility 3 hours before departure.

Animals are placed in a special hold in the aircraft. The hold is heated, pressurised and lit. On take off the lights are dimmed. This has been found to be the safest way of calming your pet and most will settle down and sleep once the aircraft is in the air.

Your pet may only enter the United Kingdom via an approved route/airport. currently only the following airports that have animal reception centres are Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester & Doncaster.

Shortly after arrival and once checked you may collect your pet/s from the animal reception centre which is normally located within the cargo terminal.

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