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Home Leaving the United Kingdom

If your pet is travelling within the EU or selected countries the following is required:

1. Microchip to be fitted.


2. Rabies vaccination (You must then wait a minimum of 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination before your pet can fly)

3. Blood Test approximately 1 month after rabies vaccination (not required if pet not returning to UK or travelling within EEC)


4. Health check no more than 10 days before flight. (Vet to stamp page 28 of passport or issue letter)

If your pet is travelling outside the EU or selected countries then the requirements vary from country to country.

Generally an export health certificate issued by DEFRA will be required but you could also require rabies vaccinations and/or Import permits. DEFRA can advise the current regulations for the county concerned.

All pets travelling on board an aircraft will have to travel in an approved IATA container. this can be sent to your home in advance or supplied at check-in.

On the day of your flight you will normally be required to check you pet/s into our cargo facility 3 hours before departure.

Animals are placed in a special hold in the aircraft. The hold is heated, pressurised and lit. On take off the lights are dimmed. This has been found to be the safest way of calming your pet and most will settle down and sleep once the aircraft is in the air.

On arrival at your destination you will be able to collect your pet container and pet passport from the cargo facility. This process can take up to one and a half hours. At your destination there will be a handling charge to pay per shipment.

For help or more information please call us on 01753 685393 or contact us

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