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Where in the aircraft does my pet travel?

Your pet will travel in the cargo hold below the passenger cabin.

The hold is pressurized, heated and dark, this will keep your pet calm and most will settle down and sleep during the flight.

Should I sedate my pet prior to travel by air?

Airlines will not accept animals that have been sedated. The lowering of blood pressure caused by sedation, combined with the increase in altitude may have an adverse effect on your pet’s health.

Can I use my own container?

Yes, IATA approved containers are acceptable. Your pet needs to be able to stand, lie down and turn around. Any extra space is not recommended due to possible injury from turbulence.

Can I place toys/blankets in the pet container?

A blanket is required, however toys that could be swallowed are not advisable.

When should I feed my pet?

It's better for your pets to travel on an empty stomach. We recommend you do not feed within 6 hours of departure.

Do I need a pet passport?

All pets now leaving the UK to travel within the EEC now require a pet passport. Your local vet should be able to provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

What happens if the flight is delayed?

For short delays your pet will remain at the cargo facility until flight departure. anything else we will board your pet in approved boarding kennels until the next available flight.

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